Отпускайте идиотов и клоунов из своей жизни. Цирк должен гастролировать! Ф. Раневская.
Рэнди на день хозяин инстаграма Broadway in Chicago.
Надеюсь, он покажет нам закулисье мюзикла и всякое другое интересное.

Physical Therapy Training in the bowels of the Oriental Theatre.

Best burger in Chicago.

Thank you @mcachicago for an amazing experience!

I ❤ David Shrigley.

Worked off the burger @soulcycle I look skeptical in this picture but that's just my pre-workout face.

Arriving at work. Post warm up. Usually 1.5 to 1 hour before curtain for make up and more warm up. Here's when things get SUPER glamorous!

Stage 1 is covering my torso and face with a pale pinky white pancake make up. I call this look Weimar Butoh and I do try to channel Kazuo Ohno in my performance as the Emcee (duh)

Pretty much ready. White skin, big black eyes, red gash of a mouth: the happiest corpse you've ever seen. Gonna turn this off so I can focus and do my job real quick. Check in at intermish.

No time, no time!

Post show. Wonderful audience tonight.

Signing out for the evening. Thank you for today. And come see @cabaretthemusical at the Private Bank Theatre through Feb 21st. See you at the Kit Kat Klub.

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